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There is nothing fundamentally new in my fascination with compact, essential living. It has been done by others all over the world by all sorts of people for a range of reasons. Typically, cost is stated as a primary reason, but only a subset of small dwelling makers are addressing cost as the first reason to act. Most just like the idea of something that is carefully designed to exactly meet the holistic intent of the occupant(s). Here is a short list of some of the related work... (I took the photos).

skinny in boston  skinny in boston  skinny in boston

The Skinny House in Boston, October 2022. Elevated old graveyard across the street.

smallest in amsterdam, 1738  smallest in amsterdam, 1738  smallest in amsterdam, 1738  smallest in amsterdam, 1738

OIXIO visits the smallest house in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, April 2022, Oude Hoogstraat 22.

smallest in berlin, 1864  smallest in berlin, 1864  smallest in berlin, 1864

OIXIO strikes :) at the smallest house in Berlin, Germany, October 2018, Oranienstraße 46.

smallest in vienna  smallest in vienna  smallest in vienna

The smallest house in Vienna, Austria, September 2016. The green part - home above, business below.

cliff-hanging pods in peru  ollantaytambo sign from taxi  them cliff pods

Our taxi driver alerted me to these cliff-clinger pods near Ollantaytambo, Peru! February 2016.

survival pod afloat sunset beach duffy electric boat

A nice survival pod afloat in the waterways adjacent to Sunset Beach near Seal Beach - small house?

lb mini house with rolls lb mini house with rolls

A better tiny house in Long Beach, California, with a tiny Rolls Royce.

“LB LB thin house back

The Skinny House in Long Beach, CA, January 2015 - the skinniest in America.

uk smallest house in conwy

This is from a trip in 1999; a photo of the UK's smallest house, the Quay House in Conwy, Wales. Maybe this planted a small dwelling seed in my head!? That arm belongs to Nicholas!

dorothy parker quip

A small quip.

pico on wall  soho small apartment  bike n graham

David Friedlander graciously organized for me a look inside the LifeEdited prototype small apartment in Soho, NYC, in 12/2012.   I agree with design details and philosophy on this project - all makes sense, including the moving wall to form a guest room.  Hey, there's a pico-dwelling picture there on the inspiration wall!

little house west village

I like this relatively little house in NYC's West Village.

yotel nyc  yotel robot nyc

Model of a room at YOTEL in New York City, Hell's Kitchen area. Great place to stay - integrated style, functional high-luxury small rooms, great amenities! The YOTEL robot provides for baggage storage.

high house vancouver bc

Passively scouting Vancouver, B.C. for small dwellings. A sculptural reproduction of a century old harbor warehouse at half-scale. As is, might make a good home away from the reaching bears? Vancouver has some small dwelling activity, including spherical tree pods operated as an inn.

Phinney Bungalow out

Phinney Bungalow in

This mini bungalow in Seattle was featured in a Seattle Times article. I went to take a look on 16 January 2011. The Smart car is blocking a mockup of the wall construction that is covered with a tarp. This one is comparable to pico-dwelling - living, kitchen, (shower)room, sleeping loft. (I added a happy sky and removed a sign from the photo).


small was beautiful in 1905

I found this passage while reading a randomly-selected book on my iPhone. It seems that Gilbert Keith Chesterton had a "father of the 'small is beautiful'" title a long while ago.

Paris Prouve  Paris Prouve
Paris Prouve text

Jean Prouvé, Paris, 20 October 2010

I chanced into an opening night show at Gagosian Gallery Project Space for and exhibit of works by Jean Prouvé, including some progressive small dwelling designs. Prouvé grouvé!


Hobbiton, New Zealand, March 2010

Now I'm being a bit ridiculous, but here are some small dwellings I've explored at Hobbiton, "The Lord of the Rings" series movie set in New Zealand.

Dinosaur Dome Dinosaur Dome

Roadside dome with dinosaur - California, north of Bishop, Oct 09. And again in July 2016.

I saw this along the road,and don't know what is inside, but interesting and fun.

a pending patent

Patent granted! - another small 'living' place.

An airplane crew-rest design, finally reached its patential in 2013.

Bridge control office in Amsterdam, 2009   A view in Amsterdam, 2009

Bridge control office in Amsterdam, March, 2009

This bridge control office was the closest thing to my quest for small living spaces in Amsterdam. There are surely plenty of small 'true' abodes in the city, but this is what I came across. Looks like a nice place to live!

...and what do you know, now you can stay there: Hortusbrug

Mini (home) Bike


Combining a camper with a cargo bike

Unimog rolling extension of living space


I've always wanted a Unimog...

Link to "dasparkhotel"

Concrete Campsite, Pipe Huts - Cool!

I've long thought that a park of concrete pipe sections was the right approach for homeless housing...


NYC, MOMA, 27 October 2008

I flew across the country and went to the MOMA exhibit: "HOME DELIVERY fabricating the modern dwelling". We were one day late and couldn't talk anyone into a peek, so we looked at the exhibit through the chain link fence.

Rolling Huts near Mazama, WA

All six Rolling Huts

Rolling Huts in Mazama, WA, July 2008

The Rolling Huts don't have running water, and some other features of the class of dwelling that I am building. They provide more of a glorified camping experience, but they are plenty cool nevertheless.

DOM CAPSULE modular building in Tokyo
DOM CAPSULE modular building in Tokyo
DOM CAPSULE partial interior
DOM CAPSULE isometric drawing

DOM CAPSULE modular building in Tokyo, 2005

Link to the "Small House Society"

Resources for Life.com, The Small House Society

Link to the "Rocket Club"

Fictional Rocket Accomodations and Whatnot.!?

Link to "micro compact home"


geodesic pod homes, aichii japan, 2005

Barier pods at the 2005 Expo in Aichii, Japan, 2005.

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