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Here you'll find information about materials and methods that worked well for me while sourcing and building the pico-dwelling.
The Home Depot primary source: wood, sheetrock, wire, plumbing pipe, fasteners, concrete mix, insulation, OSB sheet, paint, tools, and other basic building supplies.
Lowe's was a secondary source for basic building supplies.
Ikea primary source: wood panels (countertop, shelves, tabletops), hardware (drawer handles, wall hooks), glass (light fixtures, bathroom ceiling panel).
Rhinehart Metalworks built steel frames for structural support of the various levels.
Seattle Powder Coat for steel heater box panels and bicycle frame.
Alaska Copper and Brass source for stainless steel bar (their retail desk has closed).
Online Metals for metals: stainless steel, aluminum, brass.
Fisheries Supply for stainless railing fittings and hinges.
Tile for Less for glass and ceramic tile, mortar, and grout.
OIXIO (aka me) built the bathroom soap holder, towel bar, shower fittings, furniture (except the mini-armoir from West Elm), and overall design, integration, and build.
Design Within Reach was my source for chairs - Eames lounge and DWR dining chairs.
Americh Beverley 4040 Tub, 40"x40"x32", 78 gallon, from The Fixture Gallery, who also supplied my Duravit Starck toilet and in-wall tank system.
Kliptech source for EcoTop countertop material.
Sink from Blanco via Ebay.
Steinberg for faucets via Ebay.
Windorco Supply Inc. for window to match the others in the building.
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