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oixio fleur-de-lys block d key Here is my journey of the building of pico-dwelling, from most recent, back to the beginning in 2003. Years!
A&E, FYI, tubbub FYI TV video segment is! Dry-tubbing. 2014
visitors 19aug14 Visitors Hoang, Joseph, and Ngoc came by to take a look - thanks for the interest! 2014
bybele hotel istanbul 16aug14 At breakfast at the Kybele Hotel in Istanbul, I encountered a guy from Russia who has seen a pico-dwelling video! 2014
book photo shoot 5aug14 Good times with Andrew while he shoots images that should one day appear in a book. Thank you! 2014
video shoot 10 hrs wed 23jul14 Another video shoot for a TV show. Thanks Colleen and crew! 2014
fkn dishwasher A go at troubleshooting the broken dishwasher, but half-heartedly and without information. I may just ditch it and build a drying rack... 2014
bike lift sketch I've designed a bike lift, and forwarded my sketch to a steel fabricator, Eric - it might just work!?. 2014
6 inch AD duct A template to expand the AC wall duct from 4-inches to 6-inches. Much hard work to get to PI*(1.5*R)^2 for better flow! 2014
cracked plaster More little repairs: Fix cracked plaster on the heater box, paint more cover panels, new wooden block for the light switch bay. 2014
12000 BTU portable air-conditioner (free, from the trash!), wood plenum to direct air, exhaust duct to window, water catchment tray for leaks. Chilling performance data (mouse-over picture). 2014
wire hiding box Added a removable panel in the top of the shelf to conceal electrical connections and wireless remote outlet for the red lamp above. 2014
air conditionary Getting starting on the experimental thermodynamics laboratory. Air quality is really important, and really difficult to manage, but the air shall abide! 2014
Almost finished with an outside-air-vent direct-powered solar blower gadget to mount on the window frame. And installed in the stowed position (mouse-over picture)! 2014
While throwing away someone's littered drink cup in the alley, I found in the trash the exact thing that I wanted; a half-round yoga foam thing, to support my video lounge bench! Karmic dumpster exchange! (tombo, blue!) 2014
coffee moka I've been gathering simple coffee tools for awhile, and I've finally run some grinds through a Moka-style espresso maker. Also fixed a wall-shelf. 2014
entry concrete patch Taking care of more small irregularities: Concrete patch under the entry door, fillers and covers, trim painting, wood floor oiling, and wall touch-up. 2014
2nd door trim white Door trim pieces from scrap bamboo flooring, cut, fastened, and painted white. 2014
An exposed steam pipe elbow needs a cover - a partial box with three faces, painted white. 2014
Working on door trim, to be painted white. (Hidden-picture; the pipe-hiding box). 2014
old ladder stairs Getting a feeling for the right step pitch - planning to use 12" space between steps, like this old ladder. 2014
dead ed bulb As the very few remaining 'villianous' light bulbs expire, I'm moving to LED bulbs, which seem to work well, last a long time. However, Costco "dimmable" PAR20 LED bulbs installed in my range hood, flashed on the low-light setting. 2014
ss tube for stairs Stainless tube from Online Metals to start the creation of steps to the café deck, transport via new Masi project bike. 2014
I've applied some red fire-barrier intumescent sealant to the gas pipe penetrations and the electrical panel conduit penetrations. 2014
first floor closet floor seal Trying some as-seen-on-TV rubberized spray goop to 'seal' the floor in the closet above my unit, hoping to inhibit potential leaks from the several water valves there. 2014
The funky old alley door latch is broken again. Critical problems like this 'resolve themselves' slowly in the Co-op, and "door broke" is accurate - the door has no money. 2014
Fooling around with a light under the tub lid, and dayglo O'brien above. 2014
And it was pico-party-12, shortly after the vernal equinox of 2014. Perfect weather, great guests, good times, Mars! 2014
photoweary Trying more photos with Bruce's Nikon D200. Conclusion: I'm tired of exotic cameras, and of trying to get print-quality photos in this place, so I shall stop. Back to iPhone! 2014
tdk bluetooth The fourth pico-music device is installed, and it is quite good; a TDK speaker cube w/ bluetooth! Preceded by a Capello bluetooth box, preceded by Audio Engine 5 and 2 speaker/amp systems. 2014
new year 2014 A fiery foggy finish to 2013 and some late-year cautionary publicity from the UK's tabloid, The Daily Mail.  Oooh, small badness! 2014
tilly pick A web article by Tilly Pick on Pinterest and SlideShare. Thanks! 2013
kiosk hk A web article for Hong Kong based KIOSK from requested photos and interview questions! Thanks, TC! 2013
8mm fisheye New 8mm fisheye lens for Pentax K-01 is cool, but haven't created a really sharp image yet... GoPro2 still reigns supreme. 2013
led shower head New shower head with water-generator LED-light water-temperature-indicating! 2013
180 degrees Waiting for a new 180-degree wide-angle lens in a quest for high-quality photos. Late-year sun! 2013
pico tv Doing some photo shooting to respond to more press requests. Difficult place to photograph! Video Lounge view. 2013
grafitti gone There's a continual battle with the graffiti rats in the Big City. Pre-dawn paint-over. (Though, the relentless Seattle parking patrol tire chalk tags are more annoying). 2013
pico fast coexist Fast Company asked for a phone interview and some photos, and posted a nice Web article. Thank you, Sydney! 2013
pico design milk Design Milk requested photos and info for blog post with a link to the faircompanies.com video. Thanks, Caroline! 2013
pico faircom Spent a fun couple of hours with Kirsten of faircompanies.com, shooting for a video interview/tour. Thank you! 2013
steve boards Pico visitor and boarder and local all-around good guy, Steve. 2013
pico hgtv HGTV aired a well-produced video segment in the 19 May Extreme Homes episode "Sled, Temple, Houseboat". Many thanks to HGTV and to Pioneer TV! 2013
And another appliance failure, this time the little dehumidifier. A little relay inside starting buzzing, and I couldn't make it recover... 2013
dishwasher I have one installed appliance with electronics, and it has failed. The drawer-washdisher main motor turns itself on (in power off mode) and spins madly against an absence of water. 2013
tiles done Floor sealed and all tiles cleaned. I'm calling it done. 2013
bath floor Concrete cured, spackled with concrete patch, painted with grout whitener, almost there. 2013
concrete perimeter I've built a form and poured a concrete front perimeter for the shower base. 2013
new year 2013 The end/start of another year! 2013
bath tiles Back from vacation; back to tiling the bathroom floor with vigor and vim and beer and protective gear. 2012
Preparation of the bathroom floor for tiling by stripping a mortar skim-coat with a powered wire brush. Not enjoying the big ol' dusty mess. 2012
hgtv shoot I spent a day with Pascal, Alex, and Patrick shooting video. Thanks guys! 2012
matt mark boards After breakfast with a couple of pico-boarders, Matt and Mark (and Chief Sealth back there). 2012
tile bath Preparing to tile the floor of the bathroom. Tile ordered, gathering supplies, tools, and steam. 2012
Oh no, it's a German tanzen party called pico-party-11! UnitE for food, drink, and merriment, 3nov12. 2012
I've completed a frame and aluminum security cover for my electrical panel in the basement hallway. The larger cabinet contains gas meters. 2012
air vent restore window trim Restoring the window trim around the fresh air vent with Bondo. 2012
air vent aluminum Working on the fresh air vent in the window frame - aluminum duct installed. 2012
certificate of occupancy Certificate of Occupancy and letter from the DPD received: "The described premises may be legally occupied"! 2012
final inspection passed Final inspection to construction permit - PASSED! Two full years of approval-wrangling! Certificate of Occupancy requested. 2012
heat detector inspection Heat detector installation Electrical inspection - PASS, then Fire inspection - PASS! 2012
laundry storage complete I'm finished building two new storage lockers in the building's laundry room. 2012
Heat detector installed above the door and wired to the nearby hallway fire bell. Waiting for PF&S to coordinate inspections. 2012
laudry storage build Keeping it all going by building new storage lockers in the building to squelch the ridiculous sto-rage unrest resulting from my repair and occupation of a vacant locker. 2012
bath ceiling peace out Taking a small peace break as I start in on what is supposed to be the last piece of permitting - fire sprinklers. There is an exception in the Code that may apply - working to find out... 2012
the F'ing electrical And after a big outlay of time, money, and stress, a new City-approved electrical installation. Nevertheless, thanks Mike, Steve, and Tim! 2012
mike and steve on electrical The permitting process is driving an update to the electrical system. Mike (and Steve) working on the new electrical installation. 2012
storage locker e The storage locker is cleaned up, secured, and for now, purposed as a gallery for Mona Latina. (But then a bizarre struggle with the Coop Board over locker assignment raged on and on and on.) 2012
Deek and Chris A visit by Deek and Chris for a video interview - thanks very much for stopping by! 2012
inspection Inspection for structural, framing, insulation permit compliance today - 22feb12 - PASSED. Electrical and Fire pending. 2012
DPD project reviews approved And today, 12jan12, all DPD permit application Project Reviews show "Approved"! That took 14 months! (False summit, though.) 2012
end of 2011, start of 2012 And that's it for 2011! 2012
Code Modification / Alternate Request approved Code Modification / Alternate Request approval from DPD! 2011
storage locker e A storage locker is one of the requirements for permitting as a residential unit, so, after repairs, frame/rehang the door - a storage locker. 2011
Colors around the food table somewhere in the night. Eighteen guests at the peak! What a time! picoparty10! Thanks for coming! 2011
out disposal, in straightpipe Removed the [unGreen] kitchen sink disposal and installed a regular drain cup and p-trap. 2011
picoparty10 It seems I'm getting close to approval by the City! So, an encouraging 'legalize it' party shall ensue on the solstice! 2011
hiding wires Added several large-diameter holes in the cabinet to allow for more tricky (invisible) wire routing. 2011
new double-pane window A new (Windorco) double-pane insulated window installed. Quieter, warmer, better dust seals, screen, and a required outside air vent. 2011
dpd tower model Good meeting at the DPD with a plan for closure... 2011
maya calendar Just trying to get it approved by the City before the End. 2011
gabe and dana Visitors, Gabe and Dana; great discussion about design! 2011
sally clark A visit by Sally Clark! With Jan, David (hidden by faucet, out left), Dana, and Steve (me). 2011
pico spring Winter into Spring, and no new work on the pico-dwelling as I expend my time and energy for the DPD-mill. 2011
paper roll for dpd A big roll of drawings on a big pile of papers in preparation for DPD intake meeting. Intake accepted, now to wait for review comments... 2011
gis aerial A GIS screen shot at the DPD. 2011 will be about permitting... 2011
last day sunrise A nice sunrise out the window for the last morning of 2010! 2010
tub lid hinges and latch Hinges for the tub lid, and a rather odd, but functional lathe-turned aluminum latch to hold the lid open. 2010
brass brush peg An hour spent getting to know a piece of brass yields a peg for my sink brush. 2010
seattle met magazine The Seattle Met magazine print and online articles are out - Cari alerted me via Facebook - cool! Thanks Chris! 2010
legalize it? I'm starting into the process to legalize it! With quite a bit of good fortune and help from the DPD, I will get there. To start with, there are mysteries to uncover about how the Avalon basement is zoned, and... 2010
will, photographer Another photo shoot for an upcoming article. Thanks Will! 2010
The King 5 TV Evening Magazine piece aired on Monday, 22 November; A bit embarrassing to us, but good fun! Thank you Meeghan! 2010
pico-party-9 And pico-party-9, 9 November 2010, 14 guests in at the peak! Mingle-merriment and hair on fire! Thanks for coming! 2010
The second (and better:) iteration of the hand-shower bar and wall stanchions made from stainless bolts, collars, and laser-cut plates. (An earlier installation used boat-part stanchions). 2010
Dirty paw yields completed shiny object that will clamp the handshower to a vertical rail. 2010
shower hold More lathe work, this time with aluminum, and a bike shift-lever part for a start on a hand-shower holder. 2010
blue bardot Single-speed "Blue Bardot", formulated specifically for the pico-dwelling. I built this from an old Ritchey frame with a rear U-brake (my favorite!). 2010
Bed1 seemed not to be appealing to the press - that unmade look, I presume. Cleaned up with an Ikea duvet. Mattress with a latex insert, twin width plus a 10" diameter bolster along the wall. 2010
the plan view annotated I have received requests for a plan view, and this is a plan view, kind-of, annotated (click for big). 2010
king 5 tv evening magazine crew, 15sep10 More emergent publicity, this time with Zoë, for November release. King 5 TV Evening Magazine! Thanks Kim and Tom! 2010
door frame A start on framing the doorway for security, potential wire-routing, and to clean up the appearance. 2010
champagne celebration Uncorked a celebration of the Seattle Times, Pacific Northwest magazine article. Thanks Rebecca and Ben!
And thank you Enrico for getting it started!
led string And an LED light string in the tube - the left end plugged with a Belgian beer cork. 2010
p-clamp magnets Nylon P-clamps and rare-earth magnets to hold a polycarbonate tube to the bathroom ceiling for lighting... 2010
powercoated steel trays White powder-coated A-569 steel panels to cover the bottom of the heater box. 2010
furrier The place is getting furrier with a cowhide rug on the deck. 2010
bulb redoux With the recent Home Depot price breakthrough on LED bulbs - LED bulbs to replace two CFL blubs. 2010
dimensions update An update of depth, width, and height measurements reveals: 182 square feet of area, and 1879 cubic feet of volume. 2010
video n eddy The video lounge view, with "Pi". Hot pink Eddy and signed Molteni. 2010
cinelli Distracted by bicycles and things while I gather up resources for the next push. 2010
step sketch This is a likely direction for the steps - white powder-coated steel to match the heater box panels. 2010
cover sketch Sketch for steel panels for the bottom of the overhead heater box. 2010
into 2010 Twenty-ten! 2010
picoparty8 picopartyeurs And picoparty8 went off well with a moving count of around ten guests at a time. Much fun! And Mark is a regular. 2009
langster london wally The Langster London trying out the bike storage area in a temporary way. Seat hooked on a pull-up bar. 2009
picoparty8 invitation Winter Solstice, picoparty8, coincidence? I think not. 2009
tiger cage railings I finally captured stainless clamp fittings for horizontal railings for the 'tiger cage', and used poplar-wood horizontal rails to soften the look. Piet Mondrian? 2009
eagle sculpture and space needle Something different: A sunrise walk to the pico-dwelling, through the Seattle Art Museum Sculpture Park. Calder's Eagle and the Needle. Waiting for parts in the mail. 2009
deck jack lower plate installed The deck-jack stair-hinge is installed! It ensures that the cantilevered deck doesn't flex under load, and will support stair steps. 2009
deck plate countersink Just a countersinking of the screws remains for the deck jack lower plate. 2009
stainless deck jack The next stainless steel piece - a screw-jack for the deck, and to set up for some stairs to the deck. Again, much hard hand-work to push the steel toward my will. 2009
stainless lion cage Header for railings for the the climb up and down. A few more pieces to go - solid stainless bar and boat fittings. 2009
picoparty7 'Twas pico-party-7, near the autumnal equinox, and it was fun! Thanks for coming! 2009
tabular rasa The table has been in for a while, but here's a clearer picture with the leaf extended. 2009
3form translucence My LED flashlight shines through the translucent panel from kitchen to bathroom. 2009
towel bar stancions The towel bar fittings are complete and installed! Certainly one of the more perilous tasks; stainless steel is an unforgiving material to cut and drill, and my hands show the battle! The bar is 1" of solid stainless. 2009
machines galore More heavy lifting on the towel bar fittings at Andrew's shop: Drilling, tapping, grinding, polishing, swearing. 2009
make the towel bar stanchions And the three partially-finished parts. Need the base plates now. 2009
atlas shrug The price for custom towel bar parts drove me to make my own. The Atlas lathe to the rescue to cobble together some stand-offs for the towel bar. 2009
table extension chain I found some stainless steel chain to support the table extension. Now I can seat six, and now there's a nice bit of dungeon aesthetic. 2009
yerba derba due Taking a very special yerba maté break - I've added a window sill board and a table. 2009
3form tubtop An inch of translucent 3form Chroma material over the tub; rub-a-dub-dub, nobody in the tub. 2009
fir stick bike transport Eleven foot clear fir 2x6 for the final bed1 surround - bike transport from Blackstock Lumber. I remember when this nice, clear fir wood was inexpensive... 2009
bed1 frame Bed1 frame reworked to near-completion - comfortable last night (there was a mattress and whatnot on top)! 2009
shelves and whatnot Working on shelves for dish storage. The first set of dishes will become shelf liners for the second set of better ones of simple white bone china. 2009
tolomeo two A second Tolomeo wall light for the lounge chair spot. A compact florescent bulb will become an LED bulb one day (I don't like compact fluorescent bulbs). 2009
cheap but good fridge I found the right refrigerator that fits perfectly, is of good quality, and is quiet. The room humidity is way up at ~57-60%, so I'm experimenting with a little dehumidifier... 2009
video bench The bench seat for the video lounge is starting to happen. I changed the dining chairs a while back from black glossy to white matte to bring some more light. DWR, Christa, again. 2009
bed2 bedframe Bed2 frame for Zoe is complete with spacer blocks and arched slats and a mattress stop. 2009
bath ceiling and vent panel A tempered, frosted, 3/8" glass table top is now the bathroom ceiling, and a 5-port vent panel made from a scrap of 3form. 2009
tolomeo and iphone One of two Tolomeo reading lamps and an iPhone bracket for bed1. 2009
eMachineShop I modeled the next iteration using eMachineShop's CAD tool. This design allows for a clamping bolt. 2009
quick-Kevin pro-E Next I need some brackets for towel bars and railings and such - of one inch diameter stainless steel bar. I sketched this widget, and Kevin turned it to a 3D model in minutes. 2009
kitchen put together The kitchen/bathroom barrier is complete, the countertop is finished and sealed with Paperstone oil/wax. And the first real dinner party for four! 30Mar09: Guacamole and chips, dutch oven chicken with thyme, parsley, carrots, brussels sprouts, and a cucumber salad. 2009
smart pico-car Smart fortwo passion coupe! And I was able to carry a pile of cut 2x4s in it already. 2009
this thing is amazing! The iPhone is starting to influence the design, as it embodies a lot of things that might have been discrete objects - phone, books, radio, clock/timer/alarm, camera, remote control, maps,...! 2009
handwashing The bathroom sink has finally come together, using more of the floor wood as a deck, Ikea shelf brackets, a glass vessel sink, and satin-finish pipery. 2009
tic tic tic no-nukes And into 2009... I did a quick scan around the building for radiation (Paul's 'geiger counter') - all clean! Western Washington has very low levels of radon gas: "Levels less than 4 picocuries radon per liter of air". 2009
bathe in badezimmer Bathroom trim installed. The opening between the kitchen and bathroom is covered by white translucent 3form Varia material. 2008
glueing bathroom shelves Making bathroom trim from extra hardwood flooring.   Cut, glue, clamp, sand, cut, glue, sand, oil, assemble. 2008
snow day out Here's a view in/out the window to the snowy outdoors.   Another couple of inches accumulated during the party. 2008
eames is cold Eames chair on the deck with the snow behind the window shade. 2008
pico-party-6 Heavy snow toned down pico-party-6 a bit, but some guests did arrive, and the party went on! Thanks Leanna, for this and everything else! 2008
pico-party-6 The Winter Solstice in the Centennial year of the Avalon Building was the date for pico-party-6! 2008
eames lounge chair For the 100-year anniversary of the Avalon building, a 50-year anniversary Eames Aluminum Group Lounge with fabric:  m | a | h | a | r | a | m :: Messenger :: Nile.   2008
window - stage - bed A mini armoir from West Elm exactly fits under the shelf! Closet improvements, a bed surround board, a window shade (see in next image). 2008
move in - bed, closet The bed is in above the closet area. There is much more to do, but everything works just well enough, and it is very peaceful. 2008
low angle smoke detector A low-angle shot of the heater box. The hard-wired, battery-backup smoke detector is installed and working. Music experimentation... 2008
oixio fleur-de-lys block Under the cafe deck is the video 'room' - to be a bench seat for two and a flat panel in the hanging box. Five rounds of my sketches were turned into steel frames by Nick. 2008
cafe deck The cafe deck in the window will support chair and a table, and the step up to the bed platform is sized to serve as a chair as well. Under this deck is the 'living room' where a lounge seat and video will be. 2008
closet shelves The clothes rail will be under the lower shelf in the closet area. The lower shelf also serves as a stand-up work area. The upper shelf will work well for shoes and folded clothes. 2008
bathroom tiled wall The bathroom wet-wall is tiled with blue glass tile, and the other walls are tiled with white subway tile. The floor is concrete, and has a rim around the edge for floor planks. The sink counter frames are visible, with the sink faucet and sink drain. 2008
wall cabinet, deck framing I've started the framing for the elevated decks and more built-in, structural furniture. This cabinet will hold entertainment electronics, and below and to right, probably shelves and a mirror. 2008
pico-party-4 And... progress party number 4 (really the fifth), with fondue warmed on the stove, and cold things from the refrigerator. 2007
kitchen, floor The kitchen is fully functional, but still not quite finished. The upper walls are painted, and the mid-wall band is painted with blackboard paint. Joel helped me to get an early piece of EcoTop for the countertop - very nice material! 2007
levels sketch A sketch of the cafe level, bed level, and video lounge seat. View towards the window wall. 2007
shampoo holder A laser-cut stainless plate, a stainless door handle, and 3 kitchen utensil cups makes my soap holder for the shower. 2007
sustain and pico-dwelling My first round of laser-cut stainless steel is installed as range hood trim, with a fermata ͒sustain͒ symbol, "pico-dwelling", and "oixio" on the right side. 2007
floor coming on Matt has the Brazilian hardwood (sustainably harvested) floor on the way in, over the top of new floor joists and concrete fill, a vapor barrier, and an inch of plywood subfloor. The concrete wall panel was poured in place, and backs a compartment for drop-down window-cover panels. 2007
kitchen coming together The kitchen is coming together, built from oak butcher-block, to include the gas range, the sink, and the dish drawer. I used Ikea hardwood shelving for drawer boxes, a table-top for drawer fronts, countertop planks for framing, and heavy duty drawer glides. 2007
range hood duct I enlarged the vent duct for the range hood to 6" in diameter. The brown pipe over the shower is part of the steam pipe system, and I can blow heat from the pipe into the bathroom as needed. 2007
shower fan duct and wire A shower ventilation fan is in place with a duct port to the main vent stack, which exhausts at the roof of the building. 2007
ceiling, lamp Sheetrock went up over the ceiling and some intrusions by parts of the steam pipe system. The lamp is on one of two outlets that are controlled by a light switch at the entry door. 2007
outer wall framing Outer wall framing replaced with treated wood with added rigid foam insulation. 2007
tub conc box About one hundred 40-pound bags of concrete carried, mixed, and poured - some with Giorgio. The last pour of the tub-box is setting. 2006
shs concrete form work A frame from Clifford's video while I was positioning the tub-box form before pours for the walls. Working with the miner's light and a tape measure. 2006
pico-party-3 A third progress party ensued, replete with trash bins full of broken concrete. 2006
shower base rebar It seemed that the rebar support in the base of the shower needed to have some symbolic power... 2006
concrete mixer The magic machine that mixed it all up. 2006
copper water supply plumbing I used copper water supply pipe to supply the kitchen and bathroom fixtures. I lathe-turned some brass fittings to adapt the stainless steel faucets. Dad's Atlas 6" metal lathe serves well. 2006
toilet tank The wall-toilet tank frame; a peculiar contraption! A new gas pipe section is being monitored via pressure gage to ensure there is no leak. 2006
water drains I added water drain and vent plumbing for a shower, and toilet, and two sinks. The plumbing and permitting took more than a year to complete, even with Tracy's help! 2006
water shutoff valves I removed the existing water supply plumbing, and added new shutoff valves for hot and cold water entering the unit, and framed the electrical panel and supply valves. 2006
gas box cover I rebuilt a box between the hallway and my bathroom, that houses my natural gas meter. Pink foam insulation over half-inch tilebacker fire-proofing. 2005
permit for plumbery A plumbing permit to get started on the primary facilities preparation. 2005
pico-party-2 This is about the time for the second progress party. I've added 5/8" sheetrock over the OSB on the walls, and a raised mid-wall band. The band delineates the lower and upper space, provides a cable-run space around the room, and provides a structural attach point for later installations. 2005
dirt floor The floor was sealed by loose-poured concrete over dirt with floating 2x4 joists. I removed the flooring and the concrete to expose the area under my intended bathroom. 2005
walls, sun-rays The walls are covered first with oriented-strand-board sheets to provide shear strength and puncture resistance. I watched the sun's rays through the window make a path across the space, and thought about how it might influence the design. 2005
kitchen view sketch One of the few sketches that I made along the way. Here, visualizing the kitchen, wall to the bathroom, and bed and structure above. 2005
wall insulation The walls and ceiling are thoroughly insulated with fiberglass (the part that Clifford didn't like). The pipes route steam to radiators throughout the building, and serve as the heat radiator for my unit. 2005
glue-lam beam The large glue-lam beam serves to repair damage to the ceiling above that was done when retrofit water supply and drain plumbing was done at some time in the past. The beam installation was designed by a licensed city engineer. Preliminary vent ducts are in place to connect bathroom and kitchen fans to the air shaft with ducting to the roof of the building. 2005
g and d A lime friend at pico party with Graham and David, VIPs. 2004
pico-party-1 I held the first progress party, and solicited ideas from friends over drinks and snacks. 2004
cleared space When the raw space was cleared of all the debris, it had good chi. The steam pipe which passes through at about eight feet above the floor is just visible. 2004
notating imagination An exercise from Farouk's "Notating Imagination" course, to drive to the deepest meaning of the project. (Perhaps you'd have to be there for this to make sense). 2004
pipes in the ceiling Drain pipes for the unit above, natural gas pipes, and abandoned pipes from old plumbing work. 2004
steam pipe The overhead steam pipe which supplies steam to the radiators in the apartments above. This pipe is my heat radiator. 2004
no space fella crumple-sketch This is an anonymous sketch that Clifford found crumpled up on the UW campus. I added it to my project scraps collection. "The student's space" "No space - but so many needs..." 2004
lathe pile I stripped all of the wall and ceiling coverings off, and pulled thousands of small nails out of the structural wall and ceiling boards. And Susan. 2004
window before Another view of the 'before' condition. The drop ceiling is just below the top of the window, 8 feet off of the floor. 2004
starting configuration This is what the interior looked like when I acquired the space. It was being used as a store-room for an accountant. There were three ceilings - the visible drop ceiling, a framed and gypsum-board ceiling a foot higher, and a lath and plaster ceiling on the joists above. The walls were lath and plaster, then covered with paneling. 2004
the window There is one 4' x 4' window that is about six feet above the floor inside, and about a foot above the sidewalk outside. This is the natural light source, the fresh air source, and the emergency egress path. 2004
oixio fleur-de-lys block pd key The build started at the end of 2003, and continues in 2014. Running up this page is a pictorial journey through time, showing an outline of the build progression. 2003
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