00.00aaa0022 John Street Seattle Parcel Data.
$$.22 John Unit E natural gas plumbing permit - work previously done and approved.
$$.22 John Unit E water supply/drain plumbing permit - work previously done and approved.
1.15aug10email from problematic neighbor who filed a retaliatory complaint with Seattle DPD.
2.10dec10DPD Inspector Kristine called: complaint case # 1024313 logged.
3.14dec10Received DPD Letter: Ref. Chapter 23 of the Seattle Municipal Code  23.40.002  23.42.010  23.90.002.
4.20dec10Called DPD, Kristine - exchanged phone messages.
5.22dec10DPD visit 11am-1pm, 20th floor, 19th floor, Clay:
$$.1987 Avalon basement change: 40-Units to 32-Units. Land Use Permit: Project 8704555.
$$.Unit E designated as "office" on the 1987 plan on record, two basement "existing apartment" units, D & J.
6.28dec10Call from DPD, Kristine re. my complaint, and discussion, references to 'Green' people - Sandra, Sandra.
7.05jan11Called DPD, Sandra M. to ask about Green. She'll return best referral.
8.10jan11Email from DPD, Sandra M. with a DPD Q&A Service land use web link entry point.
9.13jan11Submitted question on how to develop a path to approval as 'residence' rather than 'office'.
10.18jan11Response: "...Review Section 23.47A of the Seattle Land Use and Zoning Code..."
$$.King County Assessements, Property Detail, Zoned NC3-65, Neighborhood Commercial 3, 65' height limit.
11.27jan11Email to DPD, Diane S., cc Kristine, requesting extension and guidance.
XX.28jan11Initial Violation Due Date.
12.28jan11Called DPD, Kristine to talk about status.
13.31jan11Email response, office of Diane S., fines, legal, paid consultation direction.
14.01feb11DPD visit 12-3pm, Project 6273426 logged, coaching, Parmenter, mixed land use and build discussion.
15.09feb11Stave Architect meeting - prepare DPD-requested submittals per notes.
16.16feb11DPD visit 8-10am - counter coaching, Richard: Coversheet, plan, wall detail, hallway/egress. Add'l rqmts cited.
17.16feb11Meet with DPD, Kristine (w/ Cameron), review, extension on due date.
18.18feb11Email to DPD, Roberta, request for Land Use guidance. Land-use/building separation still unclear.
19.23feb11Start: Avalon site, basement, & 1st floor plans re-draw, pico-dwelling plan, and front building elevation.
20.01mar11Received guidance to 20% rule and parking requirements, commercial code 23.47A and 23.54.
21.04mar11Email to DPD, Roberta, elevation sketch and basement plan.
22.08mar11DPD, Roberta and Alan - "...have determined that it could be approved for LU/zoning." Notes in project record.
$$Map of relevant requirements - land use and building/construction.
$$Land use: 20% rule assessement.
$$Land use: parking assessement.
$$Build: drawings: site plan, basement floor, 1st floor, elevation, unit plan, DPD cover.
$$Build: walls, ceiling, 1hr fire rating, STC 50 - wall construction detail drawing, data.
$$Build: egress - b and 1 floor drawings.
23.DPD online resources: DPD Codes.
24.23mar11DPD visit 10:30-11:30am, 20th floor, Cindy, Richard, Screening. Plumbing, Electrical N/A for Intake.
$$.30mar11Plot four copies of six 24"x36" sheets at DigiCopy; $127.
XX31mar11DPD visit 10:30-11:30am, Intake Meeting, drawing package accepted; $438.
$$12apr11Received Fire Dep't response, Seattle Fire Code, Chapter 9, Fire Protection Systems.
$$15apr11Received Mechanical-Energy response, 2009 Seattle Energy Code section 1133 b.
$$15apr11Received Ordinance-Structure response 1, Director's Rule 6-2004.
25.20apr11DPD visit 9-9:30am, 21st floor; pick up drawing package, 22nd floor; meet with Roussi about ordinance rqmts.
26.22apr11Phone call with DPD, Shailesh about energy requirements.
27.27apr11Email to DPD, Shailesh with attached Heating Equipment Sizing Form - ?s.
28.04may11Phone call with DPD, Shailesh - Heating Equipment Sizing Form+ resolved.
29.04may11Phone update with DPD, Kristine --> David (email) --> subsequent phone chat 05may11.
30.11may11DPD visit 2-2:15pm, 21st floor, drawings returned with corrections, info.
31.13may11Phone call to DPD, Kristine to coordinate status.
$$18may11Received Ordinance-Structure response 2. Roussi email, committee says too small.
32.25may11Email expansion into F plan sketch to DPD, Roussi.
33.26may11DPD, Roussi response, SBC 1208.3 one room not less than 120 sf, SBC 1208.1 new room not less than 70sf & 7ft.
34.07jun11Phone messages to DPD, Shailesh and Kristine - Energy review 2 past due (25jun11).
35.13jun11Call from DPD, Kristine.
36.17jun11Call from DPD, Shailesh - heater/thermostat, insulation, window.!? Inconsistent.
37.21jun11DPD email from DPD, Rekhi - Review 2 complete, drawings ready for pickup.
38.24jun11DPD visit 3:30-3:45, pick up drawings, 20th floor.
$$.29jun11Sally Clark visit to pico-dwelling!
$$.13jul11Developers' visit to pico-dwelling!
39.15jul11Telephone message from DPD, Kristine. Returned status message.
$$.17aug11Developers' visit to pico-dwelling!
40.26aug11DPD call from Kristine - progress? report.
$$.31aug11Tom's visit to pico-dwelling! Work on size limit committee decision.
41.21sep11DPD visit 10:30-11:30, meet with Tom and Rick, plan for closure!
42.03oct11Email amended Code Modification form #2 and supporting documents to DPD, Rick per closure plan.
43.10oct11Call DPD, Kristine to coordinate status - message.
44.25oct11Email Code Modification form #2r1 documents to DPD, Rick for review. Revise drawings.
45.02dec11(&4nov, 23nov) DPD email from Rick, coordinated conditions, #2r2 direction.
46.12dec11Call DPD, Kristine, status, - message, call returned 14dec11. Digital drawing submittal: no.
47.16dec11Email to DPD, Rick: #2r2, consolidated Code Modification form and attachments.
$$.30dec11Email from DPD, Rick: Approval of Code Modification form 2!
48.4jan12Print four copies of three 24"x36" drawing sheets at Digital Reprographic Services, Inc., Terry St.; $25.
49.4jan12DPD visit, drawings returned 2nd time with corrections, Code Modification form 2.
$$.12jan12DPD website shows approval for all Reviews in the Project 6273426 application record!
50.13jan12Call from DPD, Kristine, status conversation.
51.18jan12DVD visit to learn status. Paid two line item fees.
52.25jan12The Safety Team, visit for fire sprinkler quote - pending.
53.01feb12DVD visit, pay three additional fees, receive permit. ~$1800 total.
54.21feb12Scheduled inspection for [Structural], Framing, and Insulation. 22feb12 - PASSED!
55.21mar12Mike, electrician visit for quote/advice. Plan to schedule electrical inspection.
56.29mar12Tim, DPD Electrical Inspector visit - assess situation and permitting requirements.
$$.03apr12Tim, DPD Electrical Inspector called - offered permitting and wiring guidance.
57.05apr12Call to Fire Marshall's office, George, discuss sprinkler requirements.
58.11apr12Mike, electrician visit to plan work, draw Electrical Permit 6316885. Notify Coop Board.
59.02may12Mike/Steve, electricians finished with installation.
60.04may12Tim, DPD Electrical Inspector visit for final electrical inspection - PASSED!
61.05may12Pursue fire sprinkler installation... One-new-unit Exception: SBC-2009-ch34-p646?
62.08may12Email/call Tom regarding fire sprinkler exception per SBC-2009-ch34-p646.
63.09may12Email Rick regarding fire sprinkler exception per SBC-2009-ch34-p646. [Follow-up calls 16may12 & 21may12.]
64.17may12Call from DPD, Kristine, status conversation.
65.25may12Email from DPD, Rick, revised permit 6273426, revised fire plan.
66.29may12Closed RFPs to fire inspection company and electrician - neither can install heat detector.
67.30may12Coordinate with Pacific Fire and Security, Inc, Paula, for heat detector installation.
68.07jun12Review Avalon fire alarm system with Paula. Email pictures.
69.12jun12Call Paula, sign and return contract to PF&S for heat detector installation.
70.20jun12PF&S visit, Paula, review installation area for heat detector.
71.25jun12PF&S contractor, Barry visit for heat detector installation, electrical/alarm permit 6324936.
72.09jul12Received PF&S bill. Work not complete - no inspections/closure.
73.11jul12Call PF&S, request performance to contract. Call DPD Electrical Inspection, Tim, ask for assistance.
74.13jul12PF&S Electrician surprise visit, Tom. DPD record shows failed inspection.
75.26jun12Call PF&S, Paula, left message request for response. No response.
76.01aug12Order DPD electrical inspection. DPD, Tim visit to inspect heat detector installation; partial pass.
77.01aug12Call PF&S, left message with Chris requesting assistance to close project.
78.01aug12Call SME Electrician, Barry to coordinate Tim's inspection comments. Ref. Justin at SME.
79.01aug12Call SME, Justin to request project coordination and closure. Email info.
80.02aug12Coordinated with Justin, Chris, Paula via email/phone.
$$.03aug12DPD record shows "Passed" for electrical/alarm permit 6324936. No fire alarm permit required.(?)
81.07aug12Call SME, Justin, call from Chris; fire inspection scheduled.
82.08aug12PF&S, Marlin, and Fire Marshall's Office, Cardell for fire alarm inspection - PASSED!
83.09aug12Schedule overall Construction Permit 6273426 final inspection. Electrical 6316885, Alarm 6324936.
84.10aug12DPD inspector Mike, final inspection - PASSED! Certificate of Occupancy requested.
85.10aug12Call DPD, Kristine to notify of completion --> clear complaint case #1024313.
86.15aug12Received DPD letter with Certificate of Occupancy.
87.28aug12Email DPD, Kristine, request closure of complaint case.
88.29aug12Received DPD emails. DPD record shows closure of complaint case.
89.29aug12Email Avalon Coop Board, notification of completed conversion of Unit E to an apartment.
90.27sep12Received Avalon Cooperative Board email; approved residential status of Unit E.