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Cycle-Series, 2010-

A growing series of sculptural compositions based on bicycle parts. The works have been featured in several exhibits around Seattle and LA from 2010 forward. The most grand was a 2013/14 exhibit of about 27 pieces at SRG Gallery in Seattle, across from the Seattle Art Museum. Others were targeted for specific people. This series continues, as it blends interests in bicycles, hand-craft, art history, symbolism, treasure-finding... more
  cycle series

Show Title, Cycle Series origin, #1, Dismantled, 2010

A rolling illuminated sign for the Cycle Series collection and exhibit in North Bend, Washington in 2010... more
  show title

Don't Stop, Cycle Series origin, #2, NFS, 2010

The piece that launched the series - an arrangement of 25 bicycle brake pads with two in contact, and one as a lever to lower a title tag... more
  don't stop

Bully Up, Cycle Series origin, #3, $, 2010

A simple repeat of a form that Picasso made famous, but with shiny new handlebars and seat... more
  bully up

Profound Object, Cycle Series origin, #4, $$, 2010

A color-changing LED wall lamp to commemorate the (replaced) seat tube from my 1977 Cinelli Super Corsa... more
  profound object

Field Repair, Cycle Series origin, #5, $$, 2010

A farcical repair of an exotic Campagnolo Super Record derailleur with a slug of railroad spike to replace the front plate... more
  field repair

Artifact Fiction, Cycle Series origin, #6, $$, 2010

An assemblage of bike front parts, primarily to admire some nice shiny Italian design... more
  artifact fiction

Duchamp Edison, Cycle Series origin, #7, $$, 2010

An homage to Duchamp's stool with bicycle wheel piece, with an added hat-tip to the Edison light bulb, powered by a Dynohub generator... more
  duchamp edison

Renew, Cycle Series origin, #8, SOLD, 2010

Three leather seats of gradient age, chained together for synchronized turning on Campagnolo aero seatposts through a maple column... more

Gloves, Cycle Series origin, #9, $?, 2010

A composition of a woman's gloves with exposed metal Campagnolo-shifter fingers atop a plaid skirt, arranged like an excerpt from a Picasso painting... more

Sex Here, Cycle Series origin, #10, $, 2010

A simple composition of a pretty Italian new-old-stock derailleur atop silk panties in delicate wooden box - sexy... more
  sex here

Lunched, Cycle Series origin, #11, Dismantled, 2010

An arrangement to reference Lance Armstrong's cancer foundation, and a glowing trophy to the pursuit... more

Handleblades 1, Cycle Series origin, #12, Revised, 2010

A dangerous composition of knife-handlebars atop a spattered fork (modified - see below)...

Lancelot, Cycle Series origin, #13, NFS, 2010

This composition addresses drug use in professional bicycle racing, which became especially big news during the 2009 Tour de France... more

Key Grip, Cycle Series origin, #14, $$?, 2010

Old English 3-speed style rod-brake handlebars to control a View-Master projector loaded with Eddy Merckx racing shots, via printer-head robot... more
  key grip

Exhibit Graphic, Cycle Series continua, #0, NA, 2013

This a sticker to advertise my continua exhibit at SRG Gallery in downtown Seattle. SRG Architects offered me their gallery space, and also made posters and post cards for me... more
  srg show sticker

Handleblades 2, Cycle Series continua, #4, $$, 2010

A dangerous composition of knife-handlebars and brake levers atop a spattered dangerous aluminum Lambert Aerospace death-fork... more


Baphomet, Cycle Series continua, #5, $$, 2010

A cultish ram's head of cut handlebars and old leather seat, with an inverted star... more

Saxofork, Cycle Series continua, #7, SOLD, 2010

A combination of bike parts and musical instrument parts for form a groovy jazz composition... more

Aluminati, Cycle Series continua, #9, $$$$, 2010

A mysterious mostly-aluminum bicycle-integrated 35mm film viewer. This composition of primarily French parts has film reels as wheels, and pedaling will pull Ed Sullivan in Moscow through the solar-battery illuminated headlight viewer... more

Warholic, Cycle Series continua, #10, $$$, 2010

An arrangement of parts to reference Andy Warhol images - The Factory, Bolex movie camera, soup, colors, bullets... more

Ferdinand, Cycle Series continua, #14, $, 2013

Yet another Picasso bull head arrangement, this time in pink and shiny chrome... more

Ghost-Ex, Cycle Series continua, #15, Gifted, 2013

An all-white composition of wheel on stand with Dynohub generator to faintly pulse a glass heart, to reference the lost cyclists... more

White Horse, Cycle Series continua, #16, $, 2010

A simple display of some interesting old American handlebars with a colorful White Horse emblem... more
  white horse

A'trophy, Cycle Series continua, #17, $$, 2010

Another wall-plaque Picasso bull-head arrangement, of time-worn handlebars and seat... more

Identity Fiddling, Cycle Series continua, #18, NFS, 2013

Playing with symbols - a wire self-profile like Duchamp's, a 7 stem, and a disk with Paris logo wooden coin... more
  identity play

Think of England, Cycle Series targeted, #1, Gifted, 2013

A sculptural reference to WWII times, made from the frame of an old Brooks seat, and Dynohub shell... more
  think of england

Stay Pink, Cycle Series targeted, #2, Gifted, 2013

A wall piece comprised of a seat-stay with an exotic pink Italian derailleur to light up the fading end...
  stay pink

I'mperfect Vahz, Cycle Series targeted, #3, Gifted, 2013

A nice place for a single stem flower atop a very old fork with an iron plumb bob and target for vertical alignment...
  i'mperfect vahz

Semi-Readymades, 2015-

A sculptural riff on Marcel Duchamp's Readymade concept. Minimally manipulated found object compositions...

Silent BoxSpring, Semi-Readymades, #1, $$, 2015

The internal frame and springs of a mattress box-spring, as wall art with an update to Rachel Carson's 1962 stern message...
  silent boxspring

Ode Duchamp, Semi-Readymades, #2, $$, 2015

An old French galvanized steel bottle-drying rack atop an inverted cast-aluminum chair base by Knoll...
  ode duchamp

Iron Crux 1, Semi-Readymades, #3, $$, 2015

An arrangement of a old partial bicycle atop and early wooden ironing board - two beautifully functional structures...
  iron crux 1

Unscrew Trumpf, Semi-Readymades, #4, 2015

A bicycle freewheel and an American flag with a message...
  unscrew trumpf

Iron Crux 2, Semi-Readymades, #5, $$, 2018

A second (edition 2) arrangement of a old bicycle frame and wheel atop and early wooden ironing board - two beautifully functional structures...
  iron crux 2

GF Up & Left, Semi-Readymades, #6, $$$, 2019

A Goodform aluminum chair frame balances adroitly tilted, up and left, atop a cast-aluminum speaker frame...
  gf up&left

OIXIO-Ego, 2010-

A series of varying-medium works based on 5x5 squares - part of the OIXIO identity...
  oixio ego

Eier Fünfundzwanzig, OIXIO-Ego, #1, $?, 2010

An arrangement of photographs of 25 breakfast egg compositions, gathered on mornings over several years. OIXIO identity and some cryptics...
  eier funfandzwanzig

Road Appeal, OIXIO-Ego, #1, $?, 2013-2018

An arrangement of photographs of 25 discarded banana peels encountered during my travels over several years. OIXIO identity and vagaries. Final configuration still in work...
  road appeal

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