Dizzy Torchiere is a floor lamp. Its simple attributes have been tuned over two and a half years until their combination met the full design intent: To create a lamp of high mechanical integrity, aesthetically integrated from the top to the bottom and from the bottom to the wall outlet. The materials for Dizzy Torchiere were carefully chosen to embody balanced doses of visual interest and usefulness. The handful of internal parts too were carefully selected to continue the simple integrity where it cannot be seen. Dizzy Torchiere is made primarily of mild steel and copper. Their surface colors result from reaction with airborne oxygen, and in the case of the steel, additional influence by a chemical reagent. If these materials had their druthers, they'd continue to react with oxygen forming oxides; iron and copper, and return slowly to the earth. To ensure that they don't get there too soon, their surfaces have been sealed with carnauba wax, the hardest of the natural waxes. Periodic re-application of carnauba wax will hold the oxidation process in check. The heart of Dizzy Torchiere is the halogen gas filled parabolic-reflector bulb, which projects energy only in useful directions, such that the bell outer surface is maintained at a temperature comfortable to the touch. Casting light indirectly, upward, Dizzy Torchiere responds to perturbation by gracefully swaying, and all the while holding its bell high, not entirely unlike Mr. Gillespie did.

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