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> BIKES - various OIXIO bicycle builds, from the most recent to back in time. I was a bike assembler and mechanic through the 1980s. I think I've assembled more than 10000 bikes and I have no inclination to stop, though the pace has slowed significantly since those good days. Each of these builds represents a great deal of searching for the right parts and a bit of 'design', then significant craftsmanship and use of special tools and methods to recondition (as necessary) and fit the parts to a frame.

^ 60cm C-T Rossin Ghibli (Gilco top/down tubes) of Columbus CROMOR. NOS black Cinelli Diet Eubios handlebars, Atozi yellow bar tape, with Cinelli A1 stem. Campagnolo Record levers, derailleurs, and seatpost (carbon, w/ my repair with aluminum sleeve inside). Campagnolo Veloce brake calipers, and midrange Campy hubs with 10-speed cogset. Clement Strada LGG 23 tires. cheap orange seat, C-Record 180 cranks and Crank Brothers pedals. Beautiful ride!
^ 61cm C-T Paganini SuperCorsa of Columbus SLX. Paganini was the shop brand of a top class traditional bicycle shop, Plum-Vainqueur in Ghent, Belgium, and built by Billato in Italy. Very-dark gray and white, with a few paint nicks around, but reasonably clean. Built with clean Campagnolo C-Record-era headset, cranks, hubs, aero brake levers, derailleurs, friction shifters. Aero Campagnolo crest 27.2 seatpost with Prologo seat. Campy rims and white Vittoria Zaffiro Pro tires. Cinelli Pinocchio stem and Eubios bars, with black/white/red Benotto tape. Rides very true!
^ Motobecane Grand Jubilé from around 1974(?), 58cm C-T. Built with a variety of interesting parts: NOS CLB brake calipers and levers, NOS Huret derailleurs (Huret rear derailleur dropout) and Huret shifters, Stronglight 93 cranks with Campagnolo pedals on a modern treadless bottom bracket. An Ideale seat clamp atop an alloy post with a Lemond titanium rail perforated leather seat. New pseudo-French wheels with Mavic rim stickers (really Sun rims), and NOS Pellesier quick-release skewers (on Origin 8 hubs). Vittoria tires with red. SR Custom handlebars and stem with NOS Benotto tape and French BF bar-end plugs. Cool vintage ride, too small for me, for sale.
^ 61cm C-T Piaggio Vespa head-badged Bianchi Rekord of 1980. Sort-of Celeste color, but for the top-tube dents and stripped and primed paint spots all over. Built with clean Campagnolo parts: Gran Sport brake calipers with C-Record aero levers. Nuovo Record derailleurs and shifters from the 70s. A NR 26.4 seatpost with Selle Italia seat. ROVAL front wheel, and Campy rear hub ith a quiet Regina BX 6-speed freewheel and Mavic rim. Continental tires. Cinelli stem and bars, benotto tape. Gipiemme bottom-bracket with NR 170 cranks, 42/51. Bianchi steel headset. Rides incredibly true! Deserves some new paint one day.
^ 61cm C-T Eddy Merckx MX Leader, repainted in Amsterdam in blue, white, and red as Team Motorola. Shimano Dura-Ace group to be similar to Phil Anderson's bike (I met Phil back in the Coors Classics era, and I think he taught me how to track-stand in front of Andy's house in Boulder). New Dura-Ace headset, Cinelli Diet Eubios handlebars and Cinelli "Eddy Merckx" pantographed 120 stem. Selle San Marco aero seatpost, 27.0. Nice and straight, feels great!
^ 1985(?) Pinarello Montello from The Netherlands, newly painted with Jet-black with mist of metallic. Cinelli chromed-steel 130 "Pinocchio" stem with black 44 Diet Eubios bars. Campagnolo Veloce brake/shift levers and derailleurs, Centaur 175 Power Torque cranks with Super-Record ("only") bottom bracket cups. Campagnolo Athena brake calipers. Campagnolo Super Record 27.4(!) seatpost (27.2 was a little loose, 27.4 is quite tight), and a Selle Italia Flite Team Edition seat. New Campagnolo Zonda C17 wheels (with silent freehub and smooth rim interior - no rim strips) and Pirelli pZero 25 tires. Rides like another Italian vintage dream!
^ Colnago Master Olympic of Gilco tubing (Columbus?) . This one has raked fork blades (which I prefer both visually and functionally), and quite clean and exotic paint for this early 90's frame. I've built it with available parts, so there's a variety: Campagnolo Chorus cranks on a new Centaur bottom bracket. Campagnolo Super Record brake calipers and Chorus(?) aero levers. 1983 Campy Super Record rear derailleur with new old Bullseye purple idler wheels, a front Chorus braze-on derailleur, and old Campy shifters. Cinelli EXA hexagonal bars wrapped with snazzy purple Supacaz tape, on a Cinelli 1A stem (120). Unfluted Campagnolo Record seatpost with a Sella Italia seat. Campagnolo Chorus hubs with 10-speed freewheel. Feels great on the rode for the first short ride...
^ Medium blue with violet Mercian track frame of Reynolds 631 (main tubes). Modern Miche pista group with Masi (Brev.) bars, Cinelli pista stem, Campagnolo Triomphe? headset, Look Keo Plus pedals, unbranded white seat, and Michelin Axial Pro tires. Rides nicely on the olympic track at the LA Velo Sports Center!
^ Sky Blue Masi 3V Volumetrica. 59cm C-T (sn 845). This beautiful frame is two centimeters small for me, really. I'm building it as a collection for more exotic parts like 4-pivot Delta brakes, Cinelli EXA bars (later), a transition Super Record rear derailleur and SR drive train, a smooth (non-fluted) SR seatpost. The wheels include a Campagnolo rear Hi-Lo hub, and DT spokes on cleaned/polished Regida rims. Small Suntour Pro freewheel, 6-speed, and KMC chain. Blue Crank Brothers pedals, and blue derailleur Bullseye pulleys. Blue/white vintage Benotto bar tape and an inexpensive all-carbon seat. Nice but unbranded stem and bars.
^ Eddy Merckx MX-Leader from 1992/3 . About 61-1/2 C-T and with a tall head tube (unusual it seems, saw it on an 'Axel Merckx' bike photo). This is the most stout frame I've encountered, and I like the effect! Campy mid-range mix, 10-speed freewheel with friction shifters. Fat Challenge tires. Now I'll lower the stem an inch for the tall headtube. This one will evolve for a while: 180mm cranks in the works, a pantographed EM Cinelli XA 120mm stem, aero brake levers (?), maybe towards a C-Record group... mmmmmmmxl!
^ Unusual European model Motobecane Professionnel-2 of Reynolds 531, likely from around 1978. Campagnolo Super Record, mostly, with an Atax stem, Phillipe bars and vintage Benotto tape, KMC 9SL chain, Suntour Pro 7-speed freewheel, Lemond titanium-rail seat, nice big Challenge Paris-Roubaix tires. Campy Athena(?) aero levers (plastic body). Rides really well!
^ A very clean 58cm C-T 1974 Cinelli Super (Speciale) Corsa, with mostly the original Campagnolo NR parts from this near-never-ridden garage sleeper. New Regina 15-19 straight-block freewheel and matching vintage Regina Extra Super Racing nickel-plated chain. Vittoria Corsa G+ 700x28 tires on vintage Mavic MA2 rims. Vintage Benotto tape on 70's bars and R1 stem, modern Cinelli seat, and pending modern pedals. All cleaned up, and ready to log some good miles in New York.
^ From Amsterdam, a Locomotief Champion Reynolds 531 frame, 59cm, ice blue, supercool. Campagnolo Nuovo Record Group with flat bars and Guidonnet-style brake levers by Dia-Compe. Brooks honey leather seat and fake leather grips. Seven-speed freewheel, lightweight chain, cast alloy platform pedals. Chooch!
^ From Amsterdam, a Locomotief Champion Reynolds 531 frame, 56cm, mint green, supercool. Campagnolo Super Record Group with Cinelli bars and stem. Michelin Lithion 2 tires on Super Champion Gentleman rims. Benotto silver handlebar tape on Cinelli bars. New silver inexpensive but nice seat. Quite a train! Ready for Nic.
^ This is a light-green and white with chrome Pinarello Montello, built with Campagnolo Super Record. Cinelli stem and bars and seat. Panaracer GravelKing 700x28 tires on modern retro-look rims. Red pulleys from Velo-Orange on the rear derailleur, and green-detail Crank Brothers pedals. Really an incredible ride - rock-steady, quick, comfortable!
^ Rescued from storage and revised from "pinky mcpinksalot" to "she-male" with the addition of the necessary Campagnolo Shamal-rim wheels! This Eddy Merckx Corsa is built with my favorite Campagnolo Chorus 8-speed era parts, and even has some Merckx-branded Podio pedals. Man-o-man-o-man-alive, allwhite, this is a groovy one!
^ A beautiful Mercian of burgundy and gold, reminiscent of the (borrowed) first bike that I ever raced - up Flagstaff hill in Boulder. Built with an eclectic arrangement of parts, including an Argentinian Saavedra alloy headset with roller-bearings, Rino cranks with red annodized chainrings, Campagnolo Super Record derailleurs (red bullseye pulleys), Record brake calipers, and Chorus aero brake levers. Cinelli Giro D'Italia bars, clamped by a Cinelli 'Pinocchio' Columbus steel stem. Brooks Cambium rust seat and handlebar tape. And, a Weyless seatpost with a 3D-printed 'strengthener tube' inside (and maybe later, Weyless hub wheels), but for now, Campagnolo Record hubs with Rigida rims and German Continental Grand Prix tires. I don't generally mix silver and gold, but for this one, a gold blingy lightweight chain, and a gold brass bell, you know, for alertin'.
^ 60cm blue/white fade Serotta Nova Special X. Built with Campagnolo C-Record era stuff. Old sew-up tires on Campagnolo rims for now (which ride quite nicely, but might just blow or jump off a rim). Campagnolo Chorus(?) aero brake levers, and friction shifters. I didn't so much like the look of the bars rotated down toward the rear axle, so I've leveled them like the 1980s :). As expected, it rides very nicely.
^ NOS 1996 Cinelli Super Corsa of brilliant blue. Columbus Neuron tubing, 59cm (60 CTT). Built with a Campagnolo Athena 11-speed group. Super Record seatpost, vintage Cinelli stem and bars, Campagnolo Chorus hubs with Mavic rims and Clement Strada LGG 28x700 tires. Cinelli seat and Cinelli Harry carbon water bottle cages. Pure Italian! (And French rims and American pedals - Crank Brothers;). Top of the world!
^ Black Medici Pro Strada, 56cm, assembled with a Campagnolo Super Record group, as it was originally sold. Pantographed Cinelli Stem, SARO frame-fit pump with Campy head, Campagnolo rims with Continental Ultra Sport tires.
^ PXN10E "Super Competition" -- fully chromed fork, painted rear stays and dropouts, 531 throughout, plain Nervex lugs; Stronglight 106 cranks; Mafac LS2 sidepull brakes; Simplex SX410TSP rear, SJA 102 front derailleurs w/ SLJ retrofriction shifters; Ideale 2001 saddle w/ SR Laprade seatpost; Maillard 700 low-flange hubs, Mavic Module E 700C rims; pearl white or metallic blue. PX-10 E (1983) maybe 1982 "1405182 PXN10E60" on paper tag taped to BB, and BB stamped serial number "B 1032 72", and a lone "G" out to the left. Seatpost 26.6. That's how it was originally sold. Now it has Campagnolo Nuovo Record parts (except the Chorus aero brake levers) with Mavic hubs, rims, and tires, Sachs 7-speed freewheel, a Peugeot stem, Prologo seat, Crank Brothers pedals, and BF handlebars. Croissant.
^ A 1980 Gazelle Champion Mondial "AA-FRAME" from the Netherlands, returning to the road in full-Campy regalia. This one had rusted top-tube cable guides (and one crushed one), but all was restored with a screwdriver (to bend back the crushed one) and a wire brush (to remove rust). Then a quick Sharpie paint-around the guides, and plenty of other cleaning, and what a beauty! This one went together in two days, and then for a 30-mile PCH ride to Huntington Beach and back prior to bar wrap and final touches with perfectly color-matched Cinelli bar end plugs and Atozi handlebar tape. First-generation Campy Super Record derailleurs! Beautifully smooth, especially the first generation Super Record derailleurs with old chainrings, freewheel, and new chain. Velo Orange porteur bars with new-old-stock French Guidonnet brake levers by Mafac.
^ New Build of a silver-white 1970s Swiss Allegro frame of Reynolds 531 tubing. This one came from The Spoke bicycle shop on The Hill in Boulder, probably in 1976, probably first assembled by Bruce! This build started with a swiss-thread bottom-bracket by Stronglight, with Stronglight 99 cranks, 42/52. Then mostly Campagnolo Nuovo Record parts. Rigida 700c rims, Continental Tires from Germany, and a 5-speed 14-23 freewheel on Campy NR hubs. Cinelli stem, bars (44), and new-run Unicanitor plastic seat. Finally, Speedplay pedals to fit some vintage-look shoes with Speedplay cleats. Swissly smooth and good like chocolate!
^ Schwinn Paramount in teal, Fiftieth Anniversary, build by Waterford in 198x of Columbus tubing. Dura-Ace group with some variation around the 7400-series of parts, including the shifters and derailleurs that I needed to compete in races when the technology changed from Campy to index shifting by Shimano (1988-1989). The index shifting was so fast and positive, and I was loosing position in road races at the Seattle International Speedway while my Campy derailleur was clicking around finding the next gear. Also, This era was the start of the bar-routed brake cables. The cranks are 180s - the longest available. Nitto 44cm bars. Panaracer Race Lite tires are nice. This thing rides exceedingly well, and it's Japanese-American!
^ This is a remake of my first true pro bike of about 1978, a 59cm C-C Colnago Super from The Spoke, Table Mesa store. This frame from England seems to be from 1976, a centimeter taller (60cm), and has a not-great repaint and decal installation. I built this one with the LA Eroica ride in mind - a desperate romp on dirt roads, steep hills, and long distance. I put a Campagnolo Rally derailleur on the back to allow for some lower than usual road gears (13-24 installed now), and 52/42 in front. Campy NR and SR. Nice big Challenge Parigi Roubaix tires (that wouldn't fit my Cinelli carbon frame spacing) and reminiscent of Clement Del Mondo sew-ups, for those pending dirt roads. The BB spindle is a bit crunchy, so hope it lasts for a while. The same orange Benotto handlebar tape of my original, and the same 3ttt handlebar shape! 175mm Super Record cranks. Then a late final(?) addition, orange Crank Bros. pedals and an orange-railed Sella Italia seat. Dagodramatic!
^ This is a remake of my first semi-pro bike of about 1976, a 58cm C-C French Motobecane Grand Record that my best friend sold to me. This frame is actually a bit older (~1972), and bit taller (59cm), and had a slightly different paint scheme. I had the local awesome bikeshop, The Bicycle Stand, paint it and decal it much like my old bike. I then built it with the same Universal 68 brake calipers that I had, the original TA crankset (with french-thread Atom pedals), and some new-old-stock Wolber Super Champion rim wheels with Maillard Helico Matic rear hub/freewheel and Normandy front. Then some Campagnolo parts: Derailleurs, shifters, seatpost. 3TTT handlebars and stem. Finally a San Marco Condor seat (which may change to something French later?). New Vittoria tires (but I might need to put the gum-wall tires back on?). Rides true, no lie!
^ Colnago Dream of Columbus "AIRPLANE" aluminum and carbon (fork and "B-STAY")! Acquired the full bike, then made a few changes: New carbon-fiber "COLNAGO" handlebars, and a 3T carbon-fiber(?) stem from China, so maybe safe/real, maybe not - but pretty and reasonably priced! Replaced Campagnolo Chorus with Record calipers to match the Record levers. It has odd hubs with a third, center flange - does not seem too clever, really. It came with Stella Azzurra carbon cranks that I've never seen before, but they look nice and seem to work properly. That's about it, and quite a nice ride.
^ A beautiful 56cm, repainted 1980's Colnago Super, Molteni-orange, similar to my first real pro bike (a 59cm Molteni-orange Colnago Super). All prettied up with vintage Campagnolo Nuovo Record parts, and VIP leather-wrapped Cinelli bars. Built in a little temporary corporate housing apartment in Long Beach. Good help with finding a few little parts from the local awesome bikeshop, The Bicycle Stand. Set up with 'motorcycle brakes' (right is front) and ready for Nic to ride. More changes after photo: Black Silca pump, Black Colnago waterbottle with black cage, Campagnolo SR pedals, Velo Orange rims, DT spokes, Vittoria tires.
^ This is a 1990's Masi Nuova Strada that I've built up with ~90's (Chorus +) Campagnolo parts with Continental GIRO cotton sew-up tires and with flat bars supporting Campagnolo's mountain bike grip shifters for 8-speed, and some odd plastic brake levers marked "RESENTEL". Good clean fast fun! The wheels came from Craigslist at a great price, even when I later found the 'buyer-beware' feature, a broken alloy nipple. Quite a task to change with glued-on tires! Some day, I'll replace all the aluminum-alloy spoke nipples with nickel-plated brass nipples.
^ A once-orange 51cm ctc Guerciotti from the 1980s (I presume, no serial number to trace). Now powder-coated w/o decals but pantographed with Paolo's signature and stars and such. Campagnolo Victory gruppo (mostly), Record hub wheels with 700-28c Panaracer Gravelking tires on SUN M13II rims. Flat bars with diacompe brake levers, MKS Silvan pedals, BREV.M Masi seat. Ready to ride, and SOLD, 2018.
^ 1974 Raleigh Sports, gray and getting more gray,and hence, he'll be called "smokey-gray". The seat needs to tilt back a slight bit more, and the stem needs to come down a bit. I'll probably put a 22-tooth cog on the back for hilly land, and then a new chain. This one will replace my black one as my local-errand bike, mostly because it has nice new tires. Smooth and quiet.
^ Cinelli Pro Best Of, Campagnolo Record and Super Record, carbon frame, bars, and seat, assembled in 2012 - light, quick, comfortable, and fast! Added after photo: Challenge 700x27 Parigi-Roubaix tires, and a centimeter shorter black carbon-fiber (phone-book pages and epoxy? - China Ebay) stem. It turn out that the big tires don't clear the frame after some apparent expansion, so I've installed some new Clement 25 tires. Red Benotto handlebar tape - looks and works even better.
^ 1968 Raleigh rescued from the brink of rustfulness. Cleaned out rust in rims and all around, overhauled headset/hub-drive-side/front-hub bearings, replaced bars/grips/levers, cables, seat, chain, and some other tricks (like a 22 tooth cog for contours of the land around here). Marshall Field & Co. decal. Seems that it will now roll for a good long time. Sold, and sent off to a new home somewhere in Seattle.
^ This will be a longer term project - a 1937 French three-speed (freewheel) from Paris. This thing probably fought in (or hid from) the big one!
^ All Italian 1960s Legnano rescued from a recycling-bound dumpster. Stripped, working on the rust and design direction for the resurrection... Fee-nix.
^ 1969 Raleigh Sports rescue, restore a few things, ship to Carlsbad.
^ 1971ish Clive Stuart from South London - had crashed into something. Restored to usefulness and beauty; nail-polish touch up, Campagnolo tour-of-the-ages parts, Brooks - England seat, Cinelli stem and bars with Benotto tape.
^ Raleigh DL-1 rescue, and for right or wrong, subsequent elimination from the gene pool. I repaired the minor problems with this bike, but couldn't get anyone to buy it via Craigslist, even at a give-away price. It had embarrassing craftsmanship in the frame (crooked bridges, screwy fork crown angle, braze gaps). I cut it to pieces and made art of some parts, sold some parts, and still have some parts. Minus one.
^ My second pro-bike purchased used in ~1980, Cinelli Super Corsa 60cm, rode and raced 80-88, then fully restored.